Kidney Transplant

For more than two decades, persons in Central Illinois with renal failure have found freedom from dialysis and a new quality of life through renal transplantation at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. More than 50 renal transplants are performed annually at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. Both solitary pancreas and combined kidney-pancreas transplantation services are also offered. Our transplant team is dedicated to working with patients, their families, and referring physicians to deliver the highest quality of care available.

Patients are evaluated for transplantation on an outpatient basis in most cases. The same team of physicians, surgeons, nurse coordinators, dieticians, social workers and support staff are involved from evaluation to surgery to post-transplant follow-up. After the initial evaluation, recommendations regarding candidacy for transplantation are determined by our multi-disciplinary team and given to the patient and referring physician. Transplant candidates are placed on a national register to await the availability of a donor organ. Living donation is encouraged when it is an option. We now perform minimally invasive live donor nephrectomy as compared to the conventional open donor nephrectomy. Donors undergoing the minimally invasive technique of donor nephrectomy have significantly shorter hospitalizations, experience less pain, are able to return to work sooner and need significantly less assistance during the recovery period than do open nephrectomy donors.