Program Description

We develop a self-management plan that best fits you and your family. Our program approaches diabetes management and treatment as a team. After a referral is made by your primary care physician, you will meet with one of our center’s physicians who specialize in pediatric endocrinology. After the initial appointment, you will begin a series of 3-4 educational sessions where you and your child will meet with a nurse educator, dietitian, and social worker to learn about diabetes. Once this “introduction to diabetes” crash course is complete, you will meet with one of our physicians in clinic on a quarterly basis and continue regular contact with our PDRC. The roles and responsibilities of our team include:

Physicians:  Our doctors are either board certified pediatric endocrinologists or physicians specializing in diabetes. After your child is diagnosed, you will meet with one of our physicians to learn more about the diagnosis and to develop a care plan. Our physicians perform medical check-ups to help monitor your child’s health, and you will typically visit them in clinic every three to four months. One of the PDRC doctors will always be on call after office hours, seven days per week in case of emergencies.

Nurse Diabetes Educators: Our nurse educators will teach you the basics of diabetes, including: insulin injections, checking blood sugar, detecting signs and symptoms of high and low blood sugars, and treatment plans. Our nurses will help you and your family learn how to manage diabetes in your daily life and help you and your child set and meet goals that will help to attain the highest level of wellness.

Registered Dietitians: Registered dietitians are experts in proper nutrition, and good nutrition is crucial for children and teens with diabetes. Our dietitians will assess your child’s nutritional needs and begin instruction on treatment plans like carbohydrate counting. They will also focus on physical activity and how it affects blood sugar. Along the way, they will provide helpful hints on how to eat more healthily.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers: Social workers are a central part of our diabetes team. Our social workers will complete a social/emotional assessment of your child or teen, provide access to resources for school and daycare, and provide support for your child as they problem-solve and adjust to life with diabetes.