Pediatric Critical Care Unit

Video Previews | Pediatric Critical Care Unit VideoThe Pediatric Critical Care Unit (PCCU) is a 32-bed unit on the fourth floor.  Our specially trained staff brings intensive or intermediate levels of family-centered care to children who have been severely injured, have a life-threatening illness, or have undergone a complicated surgery.

The Critical Care Unit operates under two levels of care:  Intermediate Care and Intensive Care. Within the Intensive Care Unit is our Pediatric Congenital Heart Center. These patient rooms are set up to be viewed by clinical staff at all times. The ICU features glass paneled doors and windows easily seen from each respective nursing work station. We also have a monitor tech whose sole responsibility is to watch the monitors at all times and alert the nurse if the there is a change in a child’s vital signs.

Inpatient Units | Pediatric Critical Care Unit Patient with DoctorThe PCCU houses a Child Life playroom for supervised playtime, options for gaming systems such as Wii and the GetWell Network on a flat screen panel for every room.