School Process

We will work with students immediately upon admission if he/she has assignments and materials. We use the following steps to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible:

  1. We introduce ourselves to the patient and her or his family within the first few days of admission. During this visit, we will provide a consent form for the parent/guardian/emancipated student to sign so that we can contact the student’s school.
  2. We develop a system for communication with the child’s school and decide whether contact with the school will be handled with a single liaison or via individual contact with teachers. We also establish a preference for fax/email/phone/Skype in consultation with the student’s school.
  3. We begin working with students as soon as assignments are available from their schools. (It is the responsibility of the family to bring textbooks to the hospital).
  4. We return completed student work on a daily or weekly basis.
  5. If applicable, we obtain a tutor form and fax it to the school.
  6. Upon discharge, we send a form with attendance information to the school.

The Pediatric School Program uses the following forms of communication to work with schools:

  1. We fax completed work to schools; each faxed page will include the names of the student and the student’s teacher to whom the work is being sent.
  2. We scan completed work and email the student’s teacher directly.
  3. We upload the homework on a computer and send it directly to the student’s teacher via email, though we may have to send a flash drive to the school if there is a large amount of data or graphics/videos in the assignment.
  4. We mail large packages of work if it is not conducive to being sent electronically.
  5. We use Skype with schools for students to speak directly with teachers or participate in class, although these times need to be scheduled ahead of time so we have the appropriate staff and equipment available.