Terrance Davis, Jr.

Meet Our Patients | Terrance Davis Jr.

An Uphill Battle

At birth, Terrance was diagnosed with Down syndrome—but his health issues didn’t stop there. He also had a condition called congenital obstructive hydronephrosis. “That means that the drainage system between Terrance’s kidneys and bladder wasn’t working properly,” says Churphena Reid, MD, a pediatric urologist at Children’s Hospital of Illinois. “Urine from Terrance’s kidneys was delayed in the drainage tubes and barely draining into his bladder. This put pressure on his kidneys, so they didn’t develop properly.” Without treatment, Terrance could have lost kidney function within weeks of birth.

When Terrance was just 9 days old, Dr. Reid performed surgery to help fix the issue. “I detached Terrance’s ureter tubes so he’d urinate out of a hole in his back,” she says. “This took pressure off his kidneys to give them a chance to grow.” For a year, Terrance wore two diapers, one placed normally and the other wrapped around his back. “We called it double diaper duty,” Young says.

When Terrance turned 1, Dr. Reid performed another operation to reconnect his kidneys and bladder and close the hole in his back. The surgery was a success.

Dr. Reid attributes Terrance’s recovery to carefully coordinated teamwork at Children’s Hospital. “The care he received isn’t something that could be done at a community hospital,” she says. “It takes a full-service children’s hospital with several subspecialties to help make a child like Terrance healthy again.”