Taylor Sutherland

Meet Our Patients | Taylor SutherlandA few years ago, during a routine doctor visit with Children’s Hospital of Illinois pediatrician Amy Christison, MD, Taylor received some troubling news.  Her body mass index was in an unhealthy range. Taylor and her parents, Sabrina and Derek Sutherland, knew they needed to take action in order to help Taylor achieve a healthier weight.

Just a few weeks later, the solution to their challenge arrived. The family received a call from Dr. Christison’s office. Taylor was eligible for a Children’s Hospital group weight management program, Exergaming for Health. The Sutherlands thought it sounded like a perfect fit.

Exergaming for Health is part of Healthy Kids U, a Children’s Hospital wellness program that partners with children and families to reduce and manage unhealthy weight in kids. The program staff teaches habits to trim weight and boost well-being, such as healthy eating strategies, portion control, meal planning, and physical activity routines.

Taylor’s success with the Healthy Kids U program has impacted every aspect of her life. In addition to improving her well-being, the program boosted her self confidence. “Before the
program I was obese and I got bullied at school,” she says. “After the program, I saw changes in myself, I felt better, and people started respecting me for who I am.”