Garret & Gabe Ruskusky

Meet Our Patients | Garret-Gabe-Ruskusky

Jeff and Suzanne Ruskusky, both podiatric physicians, are thankful for the ongoing support and comprehensive medical care their boys, Garrett and Gabe, receive at Children’s Hospital of Illinois for their chronic medical needs associated with a genetic disorder.

The Ruskuskys are also thankful for the nonmedical services provided through the Patient & Family Centered Care program. When Gabe became very sick in August 2012, it was a scary time for the Ruskuskys, including their 6-year-old daughter, Marin. “The Child Life Department created a book to help explain the situation to Marin, using language she was able to understand,” Suzanne said. “Counseling was also made available to us as we processed this scary time and some of the new changes that could be happening to Gabe. Children’s Hospital provided much more than just lifesaving care for Gabe—they helped our whole family cope. For this, we are very grateful.”