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Meet Our Patients | Drew Yoder

We noticed he was suddenly tired all the time and complained of a stomachache,” says Drew’s mom, Jennie Yoder. “He was playing in a baseball league and during a couple of games he asked the coach to take him out. That wasn’t like Drew at all.” The teen had also been drinking a lot of water, going to the bathroom frequently, and losing weight despite constantly eating.

Bloodwork revealed blood sugar was dangerously high.  The Yoders were told Drew had type 1 diabetes. The condition occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, a hormone needed to convert sugar from foods into energy. “It was a shock,” Jennie Yoder says. Drew and his family were referred to the Pediatric Diabetes Resource Center (PDRC) at Children’s Hospital of Illinois. 

Within days of his first visit to the PDRC, Drew noticed improvements. He checked his blood sugar up to six times per day and gave himself shots of insulin. “Once I was on insulin, I felt more energetic,” he says. “Before, I was standing around and wouldn’t run as much during baseball games. After, I was running around and didn’t get as tired as fast.” He also started gaining weight. “I felt like I got my kid back,” Jennie Yoder says.