Adam Kinsinger

Meet Our Patients | Adam Kinsinger

“It happened so fast that Adam isn’t sure exactly what happened, whether he hit a tree trunk, a boulder, or went off a small cliff, but he ended up in a ravine behind our house,” says Adam’s mother, Amy Kinsinger. Miraculously, after the accident, Adam walked back to the house. “He was obviously uncomfortable, but there was nothing visibly wrong with him. So I suggested he lie down,” Amy says. But when Adam got up to urinate, the toilet bowl filled with blood. Adam was rushed to a emergency department. There, doctors discovered damage to his kidney. Right away,  Adam was taken by ambulance Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Fortunately for the Kinsingers, Children’s Hospital is a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center—the highest ranking of its kind. It’s a designation the hospital earned earlier this year. “It means there’s no kind of pediatric trauma we can’t handle,” says Richard Pearl, MD, surgeon-in-chief and director of Pediatric Trauma. “No matter what kind of trauma or injury a child has, we have every pediatric subspecialty available in the hospital.”

Doctors determined Adam would need a procedure, which they performed that same night, to stop the bleeding. During the procedure, a pediatric interventional radiologist inserted a coil in a branch of the renal artery to stop the bleeding in Adam’s kidney.

Adam spent two days in the Pediatric Critical Care Unit, where the team made sure both the coil and Adam’s kidney were functioning properly. As his condition improved, Adam was transferred to the general pediatric floor, where he spent two more days before returning home. Thanks to the speedy, specialized care at Children’s Hospital, Adam made a full recovery.

“When Children’s Hospital first opened, my husband and I were invited to the grand opening and toured the facility,” Amy says. “At the time, I never imagined I’d be back there as a mother of a patient. But I couldn’t be more thankful it was here when we needed it most.”