Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Restricted Visitor Guidelines Related to the Flu

A.    Why is OSF Saint Francis & Children's Hospital of Illinois doing this now?

  • The Peoria area hospitals have changed visitation guidelines as a precaution against the spread of seasonal flu. This safety measure was put in place to prevent the spread of illness.  

B.     Why can’t my children come to visit?

  • We understand that this may cause some difficulty for you and your family. Our first priority is to ensure the safest possible environment for our patients and visitors. Frequently children are contagious before they begin showing signs of illness and are highly susceptible. Allowing this age group to visit could potentially be putting patients, visitors and children at risk.

C.     Our family is preparing for the death of a family member and would like our child age 18 and under to visit this individual in the hospital to say good bye; can there be any exceptions be made?

  • I am so sorry to hear about your mother. We are working with patients and their families to ensure the final stages of a patient’s life are treated with respect and sensitivity. We will help you make arrangements for a child 18 and under to visit a family member in the hospital for the last time. However, if your child has flu like symptoms we may need to make alternate accommodations (i.e mask) to protect the health and safety of our patients and their families.

D.  My significant other just had a baby and we promised our kids they could see the new baby. 

  • I am so sorry, but we will not be able to allow them to visit during this flu season. Our first priority is for the safety of your significant other, the new baby and all of our patients. Pregnant women and babies have been identified as high risk for the flu. Due to the high risk, we are limiting visitors.

E.    I have the flu and should not visit, but I need to hear the discharge instructions so I can care for my significant other or family member at home.

  • Thank you for letting us know you are having flu symptoms, and understand the importance of not visiting. We will speak with your significant other or family member and ask if it is okay with him/her to discuss his/her condition, and plans for discharge with you.  Once we get his/her okay to do so, and then we can explain them to you over the phone so you will have the information needed to assist him/her once discharged.

F.    My children have had the seasonal flu vaccine. Can they visit a family member in the hospital?

  • At this time we are limiting visitors age 18 and under even if they have had the flu vaccine as this does not guarantee complete protection. As a community of caregivers we want to provide the safest environment for patients and visitors.


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