Critical Care Medicine

Prototype Development of a Newly Designed Endotracheal Tube

Girish Deshpande, MD

Sponsoring Agency: Children’s Miracle Network, Children’s Hospital of Illinois, University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria Pediatrics

SecureTube is a new design for an ETT that secures at two locations and enables the tube to move with the patient’s head, thus minimizing Unplanned Extubations (UEs), as well as kinking of the airway.  The technological innovations in SecureTube are the second securing location and a rotational component that allows the tube to move from side to side. These novel features will prevent UEs, which results in increased morbidity and healthcare cost.

The objectives are:

  1. To develop beta prototype for SecureTube to perform the same as or better than existing ETTs with relation to functionality, airflow dynamics, and materials of construction.  Additionally, SecureTube should be comparable to current ETT as regards to the intubation procedure.
  2. Functionality testing of Secure Tube device. SecureTube performs equivalent or better than the current ETTs in the key areas that cause UEs such as excessive secretions, unsupported tubing (with uneven weight distribution, plugged ETT and extubations during procedures.  To do this, we will test for three key components: the holding strength of the device when intubated, the weight distribution, and movement of the device compared to existing ETTs. 
  3. Test feasibility of innovative rotational design and develop validations for SecureTube.