UNDERCOVER Helmet Program

Why We're Different | Girl Bicycle Helmet

Children’s Hospital of Illinois and Russell’s Cycling and Fitness work together on the Kohl's Kids Ride Safe UNDERCOVER bicycle helmet program.

Since 2002, the program has partnered with 132 schools and distributed over 27,000 free bicycle helmets to students.

Letter to Principal

Program Application


Why We're Different | Boy on Bicycle with helmetWinning schools enter into a 3-year agreement with Children's Hospital of Illinois.

Year 1

Children's Hospital representatives visit each school to measure students for proper helmet size.  Students receive their new helmets and are taught the correct way to wear a helmet and the importance of putting it on every time they use their bikes, scooters, or rollerblades.  Bicycle safety presentations are conducted by Joe Russell from Russell's Cycling and Fitness.

Years 2-3

Schools agree to provide free bicycle helmets to incoming students and reinforce the message of bicycle and helmet safety.


For more information about how to qualify for this free program, please call 1-877-277-6543.